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      Guangzhou Zhongke Carbon Technology Co., Ltd.
      Tel:020-8292 8666
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      Address:No.8, Mache Development District, Shitan Town, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, China
          Company Profile
          Guangzhou Zhongke Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise of integrating developing, producing and marketing which can produce all kinds of active carbon products. The factory built a complete production line with an advanced Serp activating Furnace and a vertical moving bed activating furnace, and 8 production lines with rotary activating furnace.
          The Company uses canarium pimela shell of Zengcheng China and coconut shell of Indonesia as raw materials, has formed annual output of more than 10,000 tons. Our main products including: coconut shell carbon, water purification carbon, catalyst support activated carbon, gold extracted carbon, electroplating carbon, sugar carbon and desulfurization carbon. And the products have been widely used in industries such as water treatment, metallurgy, chemical engineering, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, air and water purification of environmental protection, bleaching refining, solvent recovery, catalyst carrier.
          Focus bring about success career, professional bring about high quality. The company has 20 years of research and production experience, with high-quality product. We are willing to work with all friends in many aspects of cooperation, to develop common career and promote the carbon industry development.
      Guangzhou Zhongke Carbon Technology Co., Ltd.
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      Tel:020-8292 8666     Fax:020-8299 8399